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Kudos for smarter stormwater systems

U-M assistant professor Branko Kerkez and his organization Open Storm is trying to make it easy for almost anyone to use sensors, embedded systems, or cloud hosted data services in urban water systems. They’re making it easy for municipalities and private citizens to deploy flood sensors, measure green infrastructure, or even control storm or sewer systems.


Excerpt From Original Article:

Autonomous “smart” technologies for aging stormwater systems are being developed at the University of Michigan to lessen the impacts of flooding—potentially saving lives and billions of dollars in property damage.

Today, the National Science Foundation awarded a $1.8 million grant to Branko Kerkez, an assistant professor in the U-M Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The grant is one of three in the nation funded at this level and it’s among 38 projects just announced under NSF’s new, $19.5 million Smart & Connected Communities program. Each project seeks to transform cities and communities through technology.

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