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Nuclear Engineering Laboratories

Renovations in the Nuclear Engineering Laboratories building were complete with painting, flooring and other finish items installed the week of March 31st. The dedication ceremony on April 3 was a rousing success.


Excerpt From Original Article:

More than a decade after the Ford Nuclear Reactor shut down for the last time, the building comes back to life today as the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory. 

Inside it, researchers in the nation’s top-ranked nuclear engineering program will focus on advancing nuclear security, nonproliferation, safety, and energy. The equipment that the new lab will house includes a high-resolution system for imaging coolant flow in reactors in unprecedented detail, and an accelerator that will be used in development of faster, more accurate ways to identify nuclear materials.

“This new Nuclear Engineering Laboratory building is the culmination of some seven years of planning, design and construction,” said Ronald Gilgenbach, the Chihiro Kikuchi Collegiate Professor and chair of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences.

“The laboratories in this building will provide the world’s finest university facilities for research in the fields of nuclear measurements for nonproliferation, thermal hydraulics for nuclear reactor safety and advanced radiation detector development.”

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