We’re reimagining what engineering can be by closing critical gaps and elevating all people.

Our obligation and opportunity

Engineers play a key role in solving society’s greatest challenges. Our strategic plan anticipates the global, technological and educational changes ahead – positioning our institution to lead the evolution of 21st-century engineering. It’s supported by a people-first framework and brought to life through our three pillars of excellence: research, education and culture.

By taking a lead role in reimagining and reshaping what engineering can be, we are pursuing our vision to be the preeminent College of Engineering serving the common good. As a leader in higher education, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve while recognizing there’s still much to be done.

Vision, Mission & Values

To articulate our vision, mission and values, we met with faculty, staff, students, alumni, peers and partners to learn what they believed to be our core strengths – and weaknesses. We analyzed those against the landscape of the globe, identifying where we truly have an impact.


We aspire to be the world’s preeminent college of engineering serving the common good.


Michigan Engineering provides scientific and technological leadership to the people of the world. We seek to improve the quality of life by developing intellectually curious and socially conscious minds, creating collaborative solutions to societal problems, and promoting an inclusive and innovative community of service for the common good.


In pursuing our vision and mission, members of the Michigan Engineering community will value:

Leadership & excellence

True to being “Leaders and Best,” we do not settle. We forge paths that inspire others, and push relentlessly for quality and preeminence in all we do.

Creativity, innovation and daring

“We’ve always done it this way” is never how we do it. We seek to improve the quality of life. Bold thinking and non-traditional action are among the tools we rely on to solve problems and create opportunities.

Diversity, equity & social impact

The best mix of talent achieves the greatest outcomes. People with different skills, backgrounds, identities and perspectives are necessary for us to realize our vision. Opportunities are created for all, and where barriers exist, we close the gaps. Our entire community should be heard and  empowered. 

Collegiality & collaboration

Camaraderie is a strength. When we disagree, we remain civil. We succeed in facing complex challenges by working together — across the lab, classroom or globe. We cannot fulfill our potential unless we are combining our strengths. 

Transparency & trustworthiness

A consistent respect for truth nurtures good relationships. We depend on open and honest sharing of data, facts and perspectives. In difficult situations where sensitivity is required, we respect the limits of what can be shared. Trust must be preserved.

Our people-first framework

We are reimagining and reshaping what engineering can be, enabling engineers to have a positive impact on the world and build a future that will elevate all people.

People-first engineering graphic

For us, people-first engineering is both a goal and a practice.

Our Pillars of Excellence

Our focus on these three areas are essential to organizing our work to be forward-thinking and effective in our service to society.


Leveraging unparalleled resources and perspectives to reimagine what engineering can be.


Shaping the engineers who will build a future that elevates all people.


Improving both engineering culture and solutions through an equity-centered lens.