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Crafting our plan

In undertaking this vision, we began with the people that will make this all happen. We thought about who we are, and what we already have. It is with this great foundation in mind that we articulated our mission and values. We knew that, with this foundation, we would be able to launch ourselves from our current position to be the preeminent college of engineering serving the common good. We would be able to go from “great” to “best.”

We undertook a gap analysis, identifying those areas where we could see the most improvement. That process led our leadership team – composed of deans, department chairs, staff directors and influential faculty from across the College – to determine where we wanted to have the most impact:

  1. RESEARCH: Taking on the world’s biggest, most pressing problems through collaborative and innovative research
  2. EDUCATION: Educating the best engineers, who are capable of leading in this global world
  3. CULTURE: Foster a community based on our core values, and one that rewards creativity and daring.