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Our goal

We will align our promotion process, incentives and career development with our core values to foster a culture of daring, leadership and inclusivity.

Community development

We will analyze expectations, articulate criteria and launch programs for:

  • Articulating the faculty Promotion and Tenure (P&T) criteria and process to emphasize activities requiring creativity, innovation or daring – especially those that are for the benefit of colleagues, the institution or society
  • Establish new rewards and incentives for faculty and staff that reward discrete achievements that are creative or daring
  • Develop culture-building activities and practices to help raise awareness and adoption of our vision, mission and values with students, faculty and staff


Fall 17: Establish working groups, begin values awareness campaign
2018: Pilot incentive programs, propagate new P&T criteria
2019: Evaluate additional incentive proposals, continued education of P&T criteria
2020: Continue to evaluate and iterate as necessary