Pillars of excellence

Focused on forward thinking

Our community is at the center of all that we do. By establishing a shared vision, we have empowered them to carry it forward. The vision we set has come to life through our three pillars of excellence: research, education and culture.

By organizing our work around these three areas, we turn our focus forward and provide more effective service to society.

Producing our pillars

woman squinting at a tape measure while reaching  across a table toward the camera

Faculty, staff, and students participate in the daringXchange in the Duderstadt Center on North Campus of the University of Michigan

In 2016, we undertook a gap analysis, which helped us identify areas of emphasis. Our leadership team – composed of deans, department chairs, staff directors and influential faculty from across the College, and incorporating input from industry partners, alumni, members of our Leadership Advisory Board, and other thought leaders – used this information to develop our “strategic pillars.”

Each pillar has been defined and integrated into our operations through the work of community teams consisting of students, faculty and staff. The work of optimizing the strategies behind our pillars and the impact we hope to achieve through them continues in perpetuity. As our world, campus and community evolve, so must we.


Leveraging unparalleled resources and perspectives to reimagine what engineering can be.


Shaping the engineers who will build a future that elevates all people.


Improving both engineering culture and solutions through an equity-centered lens.